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Thursday, 5 October 2017

PJ Test Sew

Pollywoggles - Skylar and Jordan

Once again I was chosen to test sew for Pollywoggles patterns, you'll have noticed by now that my last test sew for them quickly became one of my go to patterns, so I was very excited to give this one a whirl and with good reason, my kid is absolutely in love with the finished result! And best of all, it's such a great project for upcycling! I had a gorgeous pillowcase laying around my craft room that I'd been given, so I cut that up and used a ribbed tank top to make the cuffing. 

This pattern has the option for long sleeves and long legs, but I only tested the short version. I plan on making a longer one in the future but the fit wasn't quite right for my child. She's a very tall, fairy child. I'm sure she's going to grow up into a supermodel, she's got such delicate bone structure and is so very slight of frame that the boxy cut just sat oddly on her. Ideally I wanted to size down in the width, but 2T is the smallest size this comes in. 

While the fit isn't right for my child, I was happy with it overall. The top was a really good length, covering her back properly even when she was squatting, the same applied to the trousers which sat perfectly on her nappy line, and I would feel pretty confident in making this for another child as it's a really well made pattern. My child also proclaimed that they were the comfiest jammies ever and she was never ever taking them off... Of course then she covered them in milk the next morning at breakfast and I did then manage to remove them from her body, but she's pretty aware of when these ones are washed and she wants them. 

So there you go, expect to see these start popping up fairly regularly in the new year.

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